Sexy Orange Lips


What kind of computer do you have?

  • I have an Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop.

What kind of microphone do you use?

  • I use a Blue Snowball USB Microphone.

What program do you use to record Second Life gameplay?

  • I use Bandicam.

How do you edit your videos?

  • I edit my videos using Filmora Wondershare.

How do you edit your photos?

  • I edit my photos using GIMP.

How do you make your Second Life interface pink?

  • I use a feature within Phoenix Firestorm
    • Navigate to Avatar Menu in the top left. 
    • Select preferences
    • Select the skins tab
    • In the skins tab you will find two drop down menus. Play around with them and find a skin that suits your personal preference!
      • Find the Firestorm viewer HERE

How do keep your Second Life inventory so organized?

This is the MOST asked question!
  • I buy → open & try on the same day → and then sort into corresponding folder(s). 
    • View my most recent inventory organization video HERE